I am proud to say that I have had the opportunity a few months ago to work with the staff at the Atlanta Beltline on their new etiquette campaign!  And we are proud to introduce to the world, Eddy Cat!  Eddy Cat is the Beltline's mascot for etiquette and will be popping up on the Beltline website and on signs around the Beltline.  You'll even be able to send him tweets and emails!  Check out the press release for more information!  I'm also adding Eddy Cat signs to my portfolio as they are released by the Beltline!



I wrote a tv pilot for a show I'm developing called Charles Towne and it was accepted as an Official Finalist in the 2016 World Series of Screenwriting!

I am very excited to finally make my film, Be Better Than Equal, available to online viewing public.  I made this film as half of my Animation MFA thesis project back in 2013.  I was extremely honored to have it premiere at the 2014 Dragon Con Independent Film Festival and most recently to have it shown at the 10th Macon Film Festival in July 2015.  


I recently made background art, along with my friend Allyssa Lewis, for a music video that is available on Pharrell's iamOTHER Youtube channel, and just below, for viewing!

If you're looking for a great resource in learning the ins and outs of character rigging, check out Rig it Right! by Tina O'Hailey.  Not only do you get her sagely advice, you also get access to my character model, Marv!  Look! That's him on the cover of Tina's book!


Great News!  Be Better Than Equal was selected as an award winner at the South Carolina Underground Film Festival 2016!


I am a filmmaker, animator, and artist living in Atlanta, GA. 

Hope you like my work!